Hey, that’s me!

Hosting the student startup competition GROW 2021/22

From May 2021 until February 2022 my team and I worked hard on making Germany’s biggest student founding contest GROW (est. in 2013) even better! Despite Covid we succeeded in hosting 42 teams from Germany and all over the world in a hybrid fashion, supporting them on an eleven week journey during wintersemester with eleven workshops and three pitching events. We raised more than 40.000 € to not only provide a unique experience and great events, but also to award the winners with a prize pool of 10.000 €.

For me it was a dive into the unknown, but I always wanted to enable people to create something bigger than they could ever achieve alone. And despite all the challenges and small failures along the way, I don’t want to miss any of the experiences and I would love to get many more chances of working with such great, eeply motivated people!

Website: GROW X – Germany’s Largest Student Founding Contest (pioniergarage.de)

Renovation of our Startup Offices

After hosting our fully online Final of GROW and returning more to study life, there was one thing I wanted to contribute to our student group: For more than six years our offices were heavily used and needed some renovation. So I initiated the planning and coordination of a major upgrade. This project was challenging in itself since every member loves the Launchpad and in order to gain trust, people needed to be able to get a voice in the renovation process and at the same time, decisions had to be made. So together in a small team we planned the redesign of our public couch & bar area as well as the conference room and the coworking space.
We removed the aluminium office cealing and installed new LED lights. Also, our team succeeded in realizing a partnership with Hornbach to build custom furniture for the bar area. The whole process took a year and many (wo)man power, but we can be proud of what we achieved!